Little Bear

Little Bear was about 14 years old when he went to the Rainbow Bridge. He spent the last 6 years of his life with a wonderful family in their Pomeranian retirement home. He touched many hearts in our Pom rescue family while he was with us and he will be missed. He is the poster child for how happy your life can be if you bring an older dog into it. They have so much love to give and just need someone like you to give it too.


Gigi was a great girl to have around the house and she will certainly be missed. After spending nearly a month in various foster homes, Gigi, our 10 year old senior citizen's health began to decline. Eventually Gigi quit eating and we decided it would be best for all involved to wish her the best in her journey over the rainbow bridge.

Gigi will certainly be missed.


Sparky was rescued from the Fremont shelter and placed in Pomeranian Rescue. She found a wonderful home and lived out the next 10 years with her mom and was loved and pampered. She will be missed and will live in the heart of her mom forever!


Ivan was a dear boy who was so loved by his family. Ivan spent the last few years of his life with a wonderful Mom, Dad and his canine brother Angel. He loved to cuddle in his moms lap and was just a joy while he was with us on this earth. His life was cut short by a sudden illness, but the few years he had with his new family gave them many days and nights of comfort and Joy. He will live forever in the hearts of his family, and all of us at Pomeranian Rescue.

Lady and Sprite

Lady and Sprite were rescues from my early days of Pom rescue. I received a call that two Poms were penned up in an abandoned chicken coup in Stockton???, not sure it was there, they were filthy and starving. The woman who rescued them was also new to rescue and we were on the phone discussing the next "move" to save them. They made it to Dr. Han's and when I visited; Sprite came to the front of the cage and protected Lady as she cowered in the back.  Lady later gained confidence and Sprite could relax! I fostered them, perfect doggies, and after months found a home that would adopt them both. Lady and Sprite were truly a couple and could not be separated! I followed up with their new home for months and all was going well, so I was told. The human adopters became pregnant and the wife didn't want Dear Lady and Sprite any longer. They ended up dumping Lady and Sprite at Silicon Valley Humane Society and told Jeri to euthanize them! Jeri called me to rescue two Poms, we put two and two together, and I once again rescued this darling couple. There was one more brief adoption that didn't work out and then I received a call from Sara Crain. Sara was aware, loving and willing to take them both. They lived out their lives with Sara and became the regal, loved, pampered Pomerania's they were meant to be with Sara's loving, caring, understanding and devotion, to Lady and Sprite. Lady crossed the Rainbow Bridge first and Sprite recently joined her. Their mommy, Sara, is so sad as are her partner, Juergen, and Baca a "Wy22" Pom they adopted from us. Lady and Sprite really touched my heart and remind me why our rescue work is so important and meaningful, not only to the Pommies but also to their parents and us.


I miss your very sweet, happy and loving spirit that you left in my heart. Keep prancing for those in heaven until we meet again over the rainbow bridge....with love always Sophia


We adopted Colby from the Pom Rescue in November 2001 and he had been part of our family for nine years. So many of those years were filled with joy, laughter, and comfort. We remember all those fun times when he chased our son in the backyard, jumping over the retaining walls to cut across the yard; when he slept in our daughter's bedroom and Colby let her put funny hats on him and hug him tight. During the last year of his life, Colby gave much solace to us all while we experienced many life changes. Just having him there in the house, sleeping in the living room and peeking at us through half-closed eyes was enough to know he was a special part of our family. He will certainly be missed but always adored.

Val Hang, Charlie, Jeremy and Meri Tsang


Little Bear came into his Mama's life through sheer luck and Divine Intervention.  He changed her life forever, in the best, most wonderful ways.  During his short (almost) five years, he brought so much Light and Love into the world, so that his Mama grew and changed in all the right ways.  Truly, Little Bear was and forever will be a true Angel from Heaven.  All who knew him were blessed by his sense of humor and feisty personality.  Because of his untimely passing, his Mama became aware of Pomeranian Rescue Group and soon had another precious Pom, Cubby, and they have since fostered upwards of 8 Poms in need.  So, although Little Bear's passing left a gaping hole in his Mama's heart, his lasting impact served to prosper more Pommies in their times of need.  Thank you, Little Bear.  We will always love you.

Forever in Our Hearts and Never Forgotten . . .

Minnie & Daisy 2016

Minnie and Daisy WIll be very missed by their owners who adopted them over 10 years ago. 


Jazzy was only with Pom Rescue and his devoted adopted family for a very short time. However in that brief moment in time, he brought such joy and happiness to everyone's hearts. He will be forever missed and most beloved.


Marty was the beloved fur baby of Pom Rescue President, Jan Yale.  He was loved and cherished for seven years and showered with tons of kisses.  The first part of darling Marty's life was traumatic, but the second half was full of happiness and joy.  He is sorely missed and will be remembered in the hearts of our rescue forever!


Tinkerbell was about 6 or so when she came to me. She was a wonderful little girl who felt it was her responsibility to watch over me and love me. She slept on a pillow next to mine every night, loved her talking toys, and loved taking me for walks. When I got very ill, she was there to take care of me and love me and check on me. When Tinkie got sick, I was there for her to do anything I could to help her. She was only with me 3 years, but she was a bright spirit who stills walks around the house and lets me know she is there. I miss her soooo much! Just writing this makes me cry.

Baily Tudor 2001 - 2018


Maxie was a dear friend and companion to her human for many years.  She will be forever loved and missed.


Copper was a true friend and loved by everyone in the family, he is missed very much. 

Pomeranian Rescue Group 


I so miss my precious Kupcake, but I am eternally grateful to have been her human for ten years.  I will yearn for her little presence the remainder of my days.

Laddie went over the rainbow bridge April 2017, he will be very missed by his loving family

Jax 2018.


Andy passed away Friday. I will forever be indebted to Pomeranian Rescue Group and Jan for bringing Andy and I together.  God bless everyone and the wonderful work Pomeranian Rescue Group does.  Here is the last picture I have of Andy just an hour before he started his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.