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We Need Guardian Angels to Foster - Are You An Angel?

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Foster Qualifications

To be a successful foster parent, you will need a compassionate nature, the cooperation of your family or roommates, flexibility, and some knowledge of animal behavior. You also must understand that there is a possibility that the foster animal may or may not be adopted when returned to the animal's rescue coordinator.
The length of time a foster animal may stay in your home varies with the animal's situation. This commitment could be long term, until we find the perfect home.


Pomeranian Rescue Group Foster Policies

■ Poms in the foster home will receive both physical and emotional care. This includes medical treatment, grooming, and most importantly love. Poms will live in the home and with the family to the extent that this is possible. Where medical conditions or such things as house-breaking necessitate segregation, every effort will be made to provide the pom with the time, attention, and love that she/he would receive if she/he were part of the family.
■ Costs of medical care, including vaccinations, flea treatment, and heartworm preventatives, will be provided by Pomeranian Rescue Group. Except in extreme cases, ordinary supplies, such as toys, food and bedding will be provided by the foster home.
■ Poms will not be released for adoption to anyone who is not authorized and pre-approved by the rescue coordinator for that animal.
■ Adult Poms will not be released for adoption without being spayed or neutered except for urgent medical necessity, and then only with veterinary approval.
■ Puppies will be held in foster care until a veterinarian verifies that spay/neuter is medically safe; almost always this will be done by 6 months of age.
■ All adoptions require a contract signed in advance by the President of Pomeranian Rescue Group, as well as by the person adopting the pom.

If you feel you qualify and would like to try our Foster program, please go to our "Contact Us" page and email your request for a Foster Application to Jan. After you receive the application you will need to fill it out and return it and we will contact you for further information. Thank you for your consideration, every foster home means one more life saved!