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We have been rescuing Poms for over 30 years! We are a small, all volunteer rescue group that cares for the unwanted, homeless Poms from Animal Control and individuals in our area. We don't have a shelter and care for the Poms in our homes. We all have full time jobs, families, homes and our own pets to care for but feel that these little lives truly matter. We are willing to do whatever it takes to save them but our decision to do so is based on what is humane for the Pom and if we have a foster home. We have had a number of Poms for over a year before we found the perfect match for a new home. All that time, our volunteers have spent their own time and money caring for these little homeless Poms! This is truly a selfless labor of love! We have rescued, spayed/neutered, given expensive medical and dental treatment, feed, groomed and socialized over 700 Poms! These Poms need to have someone on their side and here we are!

We can always use dedicated foster parents and tax deductible deductions!

Areas Pomeranian Rescue Group Serves

Pomeranian Rescue Group roup

About Pomeranian Rescue Group

   North, South and East of Bay Area of San Francisco, CA

Owner: Jan Yale



Phone: 510-691-2780


Donations: We are a 501c3, all donations are tax deductible


Pomeranian Rescue Group's Adoption Process

   Please call if you have any questions

   Please fill out an application

   We will suggest a Pom that we feel will

   work well you and your family

   We call your vet for a reference

   We schedule a home visit

 We have a "meet and greet" with   human  and existing family pet If there   is a match, the Pom can go home with     you!

  We have a return policy and will refund    the adoption fee if the Pom is returned    after two weeks.

  Our Tax-Deductible adoption is usually    $350.00